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Founder and president of Nereide. She graduated from the University of Pavia, Italy with a degree in natural science and went on to do a masters degree in the preservation of animals.
She is from Milan and arrived in Tarifa 2009, where she wrote her thesis on the study of the migratory movement of the sperm whale in the Straits of Gibraltar. She fell in love with the place and decided to settle here to live and work.

For the last seven years she has been the mother to a fantastic little girl, who has become a little fighter in her own right for the protection of the planet. Eva also has a love for travel where she has been able to discover other cultures, but she has always felt most connected to the sea and its creatures. She has worked on numerous projects focused on the conservation of whales in the Mediterranean Sea and in recent years has through the organization focused on providing educational environmental workshops in Schools. Since 2015 she has managed the Cachalote project, a craft based project which uses sea creatures as its inspiration, especially whales and dolphins. She decided to set up the association Nereide, in order to share her love and respect for the environment to children and adults a like.



Alessia comes from Reggio Calabria, Italy. She graduated in Marine biology and worked in the field of the feeding habits of fin whales in the Liguria sea. She went on to study for a masters degree in the University of Barcelona, where she studied the dietary habits of the monk seal. In the most recent years she has been living in Tarifa where she obtained her doctorate in the integrated management of areas characterised by the presence of marine mammals. She has worked as an environmental specialist, marine biologist, MMO and PAM operator, and also as a whale watching guide in the Straits of Gibraltar. Since 2004 she has collaborated with the Tethys institute in Italy. Her enthusiasm for the sea and animals led her to participate in the initiatives of the association Nereide, of which she is a founding member.



Born in Madrid, but living in her adopted regions of Extremedura and Cadiz. Brought up between the nature reserve of Montfragüe and the natural park of the Straits of Gibraltar, which awoke in her since a child, a passion for nature, animals and sports which allow her to enjoy these two interests. She graduated as an infant school teacher in 2014 and in the following year she gained a master’s degree which allowed her to teach at Secondary level. Currently she is working as a recreational teacher in Secondary and Infant schools in the area. Her interest in nature, her teaching vocation and the need to educate today’s youth about the crisis related to the natural world have enabled her to combine her two passions in the form of Nereide’s project Edunatura.



Born in Granada, a lover of travel and passionate about the sea and cetaceans since she was little. She graduated with a degree in biology in 2014 and from the summer of that same year began working as a guide for the whale watching company Tumares based in Tarifa and continued to do this for many summer seasons. Her motivation and enthusiasm for keeping learning has continued, leading her to obtain an international masters degree in biodiversity and marine conservation. She did her master thesis on spatial distribution of common dolphin in Irish waters and she has also performed a photo-identification study of orcas in the Straits of Gibraltar. She is currently working towards her doctorate in the University of Padua, Italy. As well as being a scientist, she is an illustrator. Her illustrations reflect her vision of marine life and she uses this to transmit a message through visual means. Her experience working as a whale watching guide awoke her interest in environmental education and helped establish a special connection between her and the zone. Cristina, has help Nereide from the distance with design of its website, graphic design for events and projects as well as providing essential knowledge and ideas.

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Born in Tarifa a few years ago and in 2007 graduated in Biology from the University of Córdoba. He has lived in Portugal, Singapore, Great Britain and the Netherlands, where he studied for a masters degree in Science and Innovation management. He returned to Tarifa in 2014 where his main activity is in strategic consultancy through his business Knowmad consulting. Amongst other things, he advices associations and helps them the necessary paper work to set themselves up. From the beginning he has helped in this way with Nereide. He participates in its events and helps n any way he can the committee with the running of the association.



Originally from Naples but lived many years in Milan. From an early age she was strongly attracted to biology, science and nature, and as a result graduated in Natural science. She worked for many years as a biologist in Lombardía, Italy, protecting plants native to the region. She arrived in Tarifa three years ago reuniting with her three siblings and with them decided to set up a new business venture in the form of a restaurant. She began to express her ideas and ethics in her new job by declaring war against plastic and business practices which harmed the environment.Missing her work as a biologist she began to organize events on environmental conservation together with her friend Eva and as a result of this began to collaborate with Nereide.The idea is to bring to attention to as many people as possible the importance of protecting and respecting the environment through events and workshops which bring together both local businesses and inhabitants of Tarifa, through initiatives such as one to encourage local businesses to stop using single use plastic. Her manta is: "if you are not part of the solution you are part of the real problem, take action now!“





The youngest member of Nereide. Nerea is an example to follow of empathy for animals and nature. He grew up in the middle of two seas, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. She is passionate about snorkeling and surfing. Since her first years of life she has rescued and helped animals in distress, from small insects to dogs and cats. She has always been a vegetarian, an active volunteer for several protectors, the first is to participate in each beach cleaning and a responsible and attentive consumer in supermarkets ... If there is plastic, she does not buy it! In short, an example to follow! Brava Nerea!

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He is 17 years old and from Tarifa. He has recently finished his secondary school education and has decided to study for a degree in Marine biology. From the early beginnings of the association he has helped considerably through social media networks as well as through his perseverance and enthusiasm.



Ana has just graduated in Biology. She was born and raised in Tarifa, but it was after her stay in Granada and Canada when she began to go into the marine life of the Strait, working as a whale watching guide. As a final step in her career, she studies the sperm whales that visit the Strait through photo-identification techniques, to better understand their conservation status.

She has participated in numerous projects as an environmental activist, and she collaborates with Nereide to raise awareness about the protection of animals and local nature. In addition, she is strongly involved in promoting a vegan diet and a circular economy as sustainable and ethical lifestyles.

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Born in Milan, she has grown professionally as a graphic designer and has studied a variety of skills and printing techniques in order to develop graphic projects. Her passions are nature and sports which allow her contact with it. Through this grew “ Balene in garage “ a trip across the seas and oceans of Europe to discover stories, ideas and colors. A graphic project in honor of the the waves and powered by the gusts of wind. That same wind brought her to Tarifa and eventually to her getting to know Eva and the association Nereide. As a result she began to create graphic projects aimed at safe guarding the environment.



Nicole has always followed her instinct and lived her dreams. Born in Stuttgart, Germany, she discovered her passion for the sea a long time ago. She was able to combine her passion and her creative profession as a graphic designer from the beginning and worked as a designer for wetsuits and harnesses. For her, it was clear that it would be better to work in a place where her products could be tested and thus her great dream came true in 2001: living by the sea and spending a lot of time in the water. She moved to Tarifa, where two seas meet, where the nature and beautiful beaches are her paradise. It inspires her and she feels that she has to take care of it. For this reason she is always organising beach cleanups, trying to raise awareness. She is an active member of Nereide and supports us both creatively and organisationally.

Since she gave birth to two wonderful children, this has become the philosophy of life for the whole family. Nia (12) is a girl with a very big heart and loves the sea. Her passion is windsurfing and surfing and after a session she always finds time to clean the beach or to take action in other ways (she is an active member of Plant for the Planet in Germany) and is very happy to be part of Nereide. Because caring for this planet is one of the things that matters most to her and her brother Leo, the situation of plastics in the seas and climate change worries them a lot.

Together with Nereide and all those who believe in the association, we will certainly get much more.



Biologist and illustrator. She has developed her professional career as a biologist for more than 10 years covering many fields, such as the study of cetaceans, ornithology or ecology. Maria has worked for different entities: NGOs (Edmaktub), universities (University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Seville), research centers (Biological Station of Doñana) or private consultants (Xestec). She holds a Master's Degree in Geographic Information Systems and Database Management (US). During all this time Maria has combined her work as a biologist and as an artist.

She arrived to Tarifa in 2008 to work with migratory birds. In the past years she has been focusing on her own personal project on scientific illustration and nature. Through María León Ilustración she generates solid support in the field of communication as well as bringing beauty and connection with the natural world.

With Nereide, she has found her complement to bring ideas and proposals to action in order to improve our environment and our quality of life.




Professional social educator and writer coming out of the shade. Olalla tries to combine creativity as a tool for expression and transformation through writing with the rest of her curiosities. She began to approach the world of environmental education and sustainable development in 2007, forming itself with the help of various NGOs such as Amigos da Terra, Panxea or the Galician Coordinator of NGOs. She studied Social Education in A Coruña and tried to focus her career on rural development projects. She worked as an environmental educator and interpreter of nature in environmental education centers and field projects.

She arrived in Tarifa in 2015, where she made workshops about the environment, fauna and flora. Today, her main project focuses on writing, creativity and transmitting her daily feelings through words. She can be followed on her blog or on Instagram. She collaborates with Nereide by putting her writing as a contribution, giving voice to some of the projects and principles that Nereide has, through articles and post, either for the blog or for different magazines or local platforms.



Denise is a determined person with a strong passion for protecting the environment, certified in the AGENDA 2030 and 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. She helps Nereide with her energetic and creative mind that is skilled in relational selling. Denise and highly interested to overcome challenges by implementing digital solutions as well as building excellent relationships with customers and prospects.

After 8 years of experience in the Technological sector where she has helped big companies not only to develop digital tools, but also put digital at the heart of their business, Denise is now part of a fully time Master in International Management in Lugano at Franklin University with a special focus on Responsible Leadership and Climate Action in collaboration with United Nations.

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Born in Great Britain but has lived in Tarifa for the last 5 years. During this time she became an active member of a group of volunteers called Limpiemos Tarifa, fighting the constant problem of plastic waste in our seas and beaches as well as helping considerably in the association Nereide. “Volunteering for Nereide has given me a great feeling of satisfaction. As a visual artist I see the importance to look around me. As a result I see a lot of damage which we as humans are inflicting on the world today and so I feel it is important to use my work as a way of educating and hopefully changing this wave of destruction through various activities in the association".