The "Mar Limpio" art exhibition is a traveling exhibition of works related to the ocean. The initiative arises from the idea of using art as a communication method to get a message across, in this case related to the oceans, their value, and the threats they face, such as plastic pollution.


The exhibition consists of educational and informative material made by international artists and photographs of our wild and fragile nature that is affected by pollution and anthropogenic action.


August 21st - 30th

The next exhibition will take place at the Cárcel Real of Tarifa (C / Coronel Moscardó, 2) during the days between August 21st - 30th 2020 from 7:00 p.m. to 00:30 a.m.


The entrance will be free and the capacity will be limited according to the measures established against the covid 19.

Do not forget to wear your mask!

Organizer: Asociación Nereide

Sponsor: La Residencia Tarifa

Collaborators: Ayuntamiento de Tarifa, El Cachalote Project, Pachamama Tarifa, OSEGS, Me Quieres Tarifa, Wayuu, Bibo Watersports, Freeride Tarifa, La Galería del Mar


Several of the works that comprise the exhibition can be found throughout the year in different points and locations in Tarifa. It has been brought to Milan by Worldrise Onlus and to the last World Marine Mammal Congress ( WMMC ) in Barcelona during a workshop on art and communication.

Entre los fotógrafos y artistas se encuentran: 

Adriana Ramírez (Costurilla)   |   Alejandra de la Barra   |   Anna Rimoldi (Balene in garage)   |   Anna Rodano   |   Barbara Anfossi   |   Belinda Braithwaite y Rodrigo Olson   |   Betta Miotti    |    Carolina Fernández Maldonado   |   Cristina Otero Sabio (Akris Photography & Painting)   |   Eniko Király (MOK Society)   |   Giancarlo Barile  (Stray Cuts)   |   Giovanna Pavano (GoodLifeGio)   |   Hauke Bürger (Galería del Mar)   |   Inma Vegas (Inmarcesible)   |   Iñigo Asis   |   Iris Anfruns   |   Ivy Allinbalance   |   Javi Elorriaga   |   Jose María Caballero   |   Juan Aguilar   |   Judith Shaylor   |   Koko Fotografía   |   Luca Molinas (Embasea)   |   Lucía Ortiz Miralles (Lucy Ilustracion)   |   Maite Bernal Chamizo   |   Malgorzata (Ceramica Tarifa)   |   Maria Freni   |   Maria León   |   Maria Serrano   |   Marina Palacios   |   Pani Kruka  (Bacuzi design)   |   Paolo Pinto   |   Rafa Benjumea   |   Rafael Fernández Caballero   |   Regine Schwarz   |   Riccardo Pasquetti   |   Rocío Espada   |   Sara La Calle Moreno   |   Valentina Mateus   |   Veronica Guida (Artenike)   |   Worldrise   |   Yerai Seminario   |   Yolanda Muñiz Carvajal (YOMUCA)

#marlimpio educational postcards that have traveled the world!