Edunatura is an Environmental Education Project that is responsible for the design and development of educational activities inside and outside of educational centers. It is currently within the educational offer of various centers in Campo de Gibraltar, in which complementary activities are developed to the learning and content of formal education.


From Edunatura, we start from the complexity of working on environmental education, since we do not understand it as the mere fact of giving a speech about concepts, content or data of nature or the environment.



Love for nature is not something that is learned, it is something that is lived, and that is why our workshops and activities within Edunatura are aimed at helping our boys and girls continue to cultivate and preserve that love and fascination for nature.

Edunatura project was born with the purpose of fostering the skills and attitudes that lead to understanding and appreciating the relationships between human beings and the environment.


The objective that we want to achieve is to connect with nature through physical and outdoor activities, raise awareness of the problem of pollution of our seas and natural environments, in addition to promoting interpersonal relationships favouring empathy, companionship, respect and care for the environment.



The activities we do to achieve our gial

  • Natural Science activities based on discovery, experimentation and direct contact with Nature, animals, and peers.

  • Gynkana of ECO-domestic chores. Coeducation and ecology hand in hand.

  • Workshops on caring for pets.

  • Sports activities in natural environments.

  • Beach cleaning.

  • The role of women in science.

  • Reading workshops, theater and board games.

  • Multisensory and experimentation workshops.

  • Workshops on plastic pollution in our seas.

  • Family days.


What do you think about it?


Do you think that, with the continuous repetition of content, it is possible to reach the base of an ecological conscience based on respect and feelings of belonging and love towards a world where we live with more living beings?


If your answer is also no, we have a lot to share!

Love and respect for nature , animals and, indeed, for life itself, is not something that is easy to learn, let alone teach.


In fact, the lifestyle we lead, which takes us away physically, mentally and emotionally from the natural world, is not that it especially helps us to conserve that innate love, indeed, all it does is get away and disconnect from nature, getting the opposite effect; for if we don't love it we can afford to destroy it.



Have you ever observed in great detail how children function in the natural environment?


They are able to use a simple natural element, a stick, to travel to a pirate world full of fantasy, or use flowers and plants to make magic potions, or spend hours observing the fabulous spectacle that a group of ants can offer collecting food.



Meanwhile… from an adult perspective this is all very different. We feel overwhelmed with our daily obligations, ignoring the small but great natural phenomena that surround us, in fact, we even consider climate change the least of our problems!


We have so much to learn from them...

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teach, naturally


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