"For the conservation of animals and Nature"


Nereide is a non-profit association designed for the development of conservation projects, environmental education and improvement of the environment.


It was born in Tarifa at the end of 2018 thanks to the union of a group of people with a common ideology and values, ​​and its objective is to promote a closer relationship between people, the natural environment and animals, promoting sustainable practices for taking care of Nature. The way to achieve this is focused on raising awareness through education and creativity.


We carry out environmental education and research projects and regularly organise events about sustainability in which we seek the active participation of the local community.


Moreover, we organise educational workshops on marine pollution and respect for animals in schools and institutes, talks on sustainability, art exhibitions to raise awareness about marine litter, the beauty of the oceans and their fragility, and large-scale events with media impact such as #TarifaPlasticFree. Additionally, we encourage and support small local commerces such as restaurants to eliminate single-use plastic from their businesses.


We lead scientific research projects in collaboration with Universities, particularly in the field of marine mammals, such as monitoring cetaceans from ferries and from land.   We participate in national and international conferences such as the Spanish Cetacean Society (SEC), European Cetacean Society (ECS) or the World Marine Mammal Conference (WMMC). Nereide also collaborates with entities such as Worldrise and ECOLOCALIZA .

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Nereide is based in Tarifa, a coastal town located at the southernmost point of continental Europe, which belongs to the province of Cádiz, in Andalusia.


The Straits of Gibraltar is a unique place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet and it is also the point of separation of two continents, Africa and Europe.


It is home to a great biodiversity, including 7 species of cetaceans and numerous birds that cross the Straits every year during their migrations to and from Africa.



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Making our planet a better place for all living beings that inhabit it is a current duty of our society. It is time for Humanity to be responsible for its actions in order to safeguard the place where humans live and coexist.


Only through education, science and communication can we create awareness and thus strengthen the bond between people and the natural environment, which we have been losing over the centuries.


Meet the people behind Nereide

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